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Passions Network is the largest online dating social network, consisting of over 260+ individual 100% FREE* online dating & social networking community sites.

Join any site in the network, and you will have 100% FREE* access to that site.

As you go through the registration process, you are given the opportunity to define ‘who you are’ and ‘what your passions in life are’.

You can choose to maintain your 100% FREE* account within the site you have joined, or (if you would like), you can upgrade to ‘Network Wide Access’ giving you the option to create your own PERSONAL network of online dating & social networking sites specifically matching your interests!


In case you missed it in the paragraph above, we just wanted to reiterate that ALL THE BASIC FEATURES ON THE SITE YOU JOIN ARE 100% FREE*. Free photo personals, free chat, free email (send and receive), free friends lists and a lot more.

Note: The primary site members join in Passions Network is free, and we add the Passions Network main site into accounts for free as well (as it is needed for access to chat). If you would like to add additional sites into your account, you will need to upgrade to ‘Network Wide Access’…with the cost being $4.95/month or a one time only charge of $29.95 (normally $99.95). The one time only option means no recurring billing and access to virtually every site listed below. And yes, that is crazy cheap. 260+ unique online dating sites for a one time charge of $29.95.

Have fun (and tell your friends about us)!

*The 100% free basic features include photos personals, email (send and receive), text chat, friends lists, who viewed me. (Most dating sites require you to pay in order to send and receive email, but we allow that for free on the primary site you join in Passions Network.)

Check out the Passions Network Sites listed below:

Acting Passions
Activist Passions
Adventure Passions
African American Passions
Artist Passions
Astrology Passions
Atheist Passions
Athletic Passions
BabyBoomer Passions
Bald Passions
Ballet Passions
Beer Passions
Bible Passions
Biker Passions
Bisexual Passions
Blond Passions
Board Passions
Boating Passions
Bodybuilder Passions
Brony Passions
Buddhist Passions
Candy Passions
Car Passions
Catholic Passions
Celibate Passions
Chat Passions
Chess Passions
Childfree Passions
Christian Passions
Cigar Passions
Classical Passions
Clown Passions
Coffee Passions
College Passions
Comic Book Passions
Community Passions
Computer Passions
Cosplay Passions
Country Passions
Cougar Passions
Cruising Passions
Dance Passions
Deaf Passions
Democratic Passions
Disabled Passions
Emo Passions
Equestrian Passions
Farming Passions
Fashion Passions
Food Lovers Passions
Freak Passions
Frugal Passions
Funny Passions
Gaming Passions
Gardening Passions
Gay Passions
Gluten Free Passions
Goth Passions
Golfing Passions
Green Party Passions
Gun Lovers Passions
Halloween Passions
Health Passions
Herpes Passions
Hikers Passions
Hipster Passions
History Passions
HIV Passions
Horror Passions
Hot Sauce Passions
Inmate Passions
Intellectual Passions
Interracial Passions
Jazz Passions
Jewish Passions
Large Passions
Larp Passions
Latin American Passions
LDS Passions
Legal Passions
Lesbian Passions
Libertarian Passions
Magic Passions
Manga Passions
Married Passions
Medical Passions
Military Passions
Millionaire Passions
Mime Passions
Movies Passions
Mullet Passions
Music Passions
Native American Passions
Nerd Passions
Nickelback Passions
Ninja Passions
Non Smoking Passions
OCD OCD OCD Passions
Opera Passions
Paranormal Passions
Passions Network
Penpal Passions
Pets Passions
Photography Passions
Pierced Passions
Pirates Passions
Plumbers Passions
Polyamorous Passions
Professional Passions
Psychic Passions
Punk Passions
Reading Passions
Recovery Passions
Redhead Passions
Redneck Passions
Republican Passions
Robot Passions
Rock Passions
Romance Passions
Running Passions
Science Passions
Scuba Passions
Sculpting Passions
Senior Passions
Short Passions
Shy Passions
Single Parent Passions
Skinny Passions
Socialist Passions
Spiritual Passions
Sports Passions
Stache Passions
STD Passions
Stripper Passions
Superhero Passions
Surfing Passions
Swimmers Passions
Tall Passions
Tattoo Passions
Taxidermy Passions
Teachers Passions
Tennis Passions
Traveling Passions
Trek Passions
Trans Passions
Trucker Passions
TV Passions
Urban Passions
Vampire Passions
Vegan Passions
Vegetarian Passions
Voodoo Passions
Weather Passions
Webcam Passions
Werewolf Passions
Wiccan Passions
Wine Lovers Passions
Writers Passions
Yoga Passions
Zombie Passions
U.S. Geographic
Alabama-Passions, Alaska Passions, Arizona Passions, Arkansas Passions, California Passions, Colorado-Passions, Connecticut Passions, Delaware Passions, Florida Passions, Georgia Passions, Hawaii Passions, Idaho Passions, Illinois Passions, Indiana Passions, Iowa Passions, Kansas Passions, Kentucky-Passions, Louisiana Passions, Maine Passions, Maryland Passions,Massachusetts Passions, Michigan Passions, Minnesota-Passions, Mississippi Passions, Missouri Passions, Montana Passions,Nebraska Passions, Nevada Passions, New Hampshire Passions, New Jersey Passions, New Mexico Passions, New York Passions, North Carolina Passions, North Dakota Passions, Ohio Passions, Oklahoma Passions, Oregon Passions, Pennsylvania Passions, Rhode Island Passions, South Carolina Passions, South Dakota Passions, Tennessee Passions, Utah Passions,Vermont Passions, Virginia Passions, Washington Passions, Washington DC Passions, West Virginia Passions, Wisconsin Passions, Wyoming Passions
International Sites
Argentina Passions, Asia Passions, Australia Passions, Austria Passions, Belgium Passions, Brazil-Passions, Canadian Passions,China Passions, Colombia Passions, Denmark Passions, Finland Passions, France-Passions, India-Passions, Irish Passions,Israel Passions, Italy-Passions, Germany Passions, Greece Passions, Japan Passions, Mexico Passions, New Zealand Passions,Norway Passions, Philippines Passions, Poland Passions, Russian Passions, Singapore Passions, Spain Passions, Sweden Passions, Switzerland Passions, Thailand Passions, Turkey Passions, United Kingdom Passions, Venezuela Passions




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